Yamalamadingdong (Yam)
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Yam Plant




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First Apperance

Issue 45: The Crazy Yam

Latest Apperance

Issue 45: The Crazy Yam

Yamalamadingdong, or Yam, is a minor character in the Blover's Komiks series. He scatterbrained and eccentric plant that is often called upon by Blover when something completely insane happens. According to the Fruit Pad , he says nothing except for his name and gibberish. 

Appereance Edit

Yam is a brown stylized yam with two protrusions at his sides, appearing to be stubby limbs. A small fraction of his body is buried underneath the soil. He has four leaves above his head, two of which have stems. He has two unevenly-shaped eyes, both looking at different directions.


Issue 45: The Crazy Yam Edit

Yam's first appearance was on Issue 45 : The Crazy Yam , where he was suddenly found by Pearicopter, Annoying Orange-pult and Blover. Annoying Orange-pult tries to befriend him but with limited success, as his replies are always saying the word "ROMPEEE!"

Personality Edit

According to Pearicopter's FruitPad, Yam is described as "stupid", and always saying "ROMPEEE!". Blover and Pearicopter seem to distance away from him, as he appears to be sporadic and may cause potential harm.


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