Waterdrop Pea (not to be confused with Waterdrop Shooter from the Plants vs. Zombies games) is a character appearing exclusively in Blover's Komiks. She is a teenager who has lived alone ever since socio-political events removed her from her adoptive father.

Appearance Edit

Waterdrop Pea is a blue pea plant, with the characteristic leaf replaced with a large, static droplet of water.

Personality Edit

Waterdrop Pea is highly introverted and rarely, if ever, speaks of her own volition. In addition, she will not laugh unless presented with certain forms of humor.

It is implied that this was not the case before she sent herself away to Plantville, though there is no evidence of what she might have been like during this period.

History Edit

Pre-series Edit

Waterdrop Pea was an orphan with a mysterious past living on a beach, until a Dolphin Rider Zombie found her and took her in as his adoptive daughter. At this time, plants and zombies lived together in peace.

Unknown date Edit

Later, Waterdrop Pea's father moved back into zombie-occupied areas, after the socio-political rift between the two groups occurred. Unable to follow him, she chose to go to Plantville and restart life anew.

Trivia Edit

  • Waterdrop Pea's introversion combined with her sense of humor implies that she may suffer from a mild case of autism spectrum disorder.