The Sine Graf is the eighth comic in Season 3, and the 58th comic issue overall. The comic revolves around Kernel-pult and Cabbage-pult's different views on the graph of a sine function.

Synopsis Edit

Kernel-pult and Cabbage-pult analyze a sine function graph.

Plot Edit

The two plants are looking both at the same graph featuring the standard form of a sine function. While Kernel-pult seems to clearly understand the situation, Cabbage-pult is having a hard time seeing it. Instead of seeing a sine wave, he just sees a black vortex with rainbow arcs on the graph.

Trivia Edit

  • The old title of the comic was "WhY = As in (I + don't get it.) = dunno?"
    • The new title is a deliberate misspelling on "graph", alluding to Cabbage-pult's poor understanding of the concept.

Comic Edit