Snapdragon is a minor character in Blover's Komiks. He is a plant who dreams of personal flight someday.

Appearance Edit

Snapdragon is an undefined antirrhinid, part of a tribe and underlying genus which includes real-world snapdragons and other plants identified by the same name. His head is that of a dragon's, connected to a stem that makes angular bends instead of smoothly curving; both are olive-green in color. His basal leaves are dark orange and serrated.

Personality Edit

Snapdragon, despite his rough appearance, is an amicable person, having quickly made friends with Chomper (using their similar appearances as an ice-breaker) and several other fire plants.

Similar to his almanac entry in the games, in spite of his satisfactory life, Snapdragon eternally dreams of achieving personal flight and traveling the world with it. He would eventually get his wish after Chomper, in cooperation with the necessary expertise from Plantville, designed a custom-built, long-lasting flight pack for his use.

Despite Snapdragon's kindness, he has been known to be tough to dissuade from advances of any sort, including social, making some people see him as somewhat creepy.

History Edit

Snapdragon has not appeared in any comics so far.