Power Lily is a plant from Plants vs. Zombies 2. She is Bloomerang's best friend and a friendly supporting figure in Plantville.

Most of the children in Plantville were initially aloof around her due to her unique abilities, but eventually grew familiar with them and became friends with her.

Appearance Edit

Power Lily, per the series, is an oversized lily plant with six petals and basal leaves, with her face on one of these petals.

Personality Edit

Power Lily has a sociable and supportive demeanor, quickly making friends with most of Plantville. This may have something to do with her ability to supply Plant Food, a great source of energy for plants, and draws parallels to her Almanac entry.

Trivia Edit

  • Power Lily loves baking, and is most proficient at making chocolate cupcakes (which happen to be Bloomerang's favorite food.)