Plantville is a fictional location appearing in Blover's Komiks. It is home to all characters introduced thus far.

Appearance Edit

Plantville is a suburb/townhouse complex filled with large homes and interconnected by branching roads. The border is marked through a mix of fencing and thick shrubbery.

Plantville is part of a four-way roundabout in a north/south highway that passes through the majority of the suburbs in the surrounding region, which serves as an entry point to Mushroom Middle to the west, Plantville proper to the east, downtown to the north, and a nondescript stretch of the highway which later branches off into an entrance to Plantville Park to the south.

Geography & Cityscape Edit

As a townhouse complex, the actual geography of Plantville is rather lackluster. It is somewhat level, and, as stated earlier, surrounded by small patches of forestry. However, the central southern outskirts of Plantville lay host to a forest trail frequented by its inhabitants, serving as discreet passage to other areas in the region.

All of the homes in Plantville are two-to-three-story homes (two major floors, with the possibility of a single-room third floor) which bear similar yet distinct appearances, though their inhabitants have obviously marked their presence by way of paint, decorations, magic, and everything in between.

Trivia Edit

  • The road that Plantville can be accessed from is inspired by the paths of highways 2, 99, and 104/101 in Washington state.
  • The most frequent users of the trail are the children of Plantville, who use it as a shortcut to one of the smaller parks bordering Plantville Park. On occasion, they have also used a neighboring trail in said park as a means of quick access to Plantville Park itself.
  • In real life, a place like Plantville would not be given a name implying that it is an independent town; in fact, the complex is considered to be a part of the larger city that the nearby urban region and several other suburbs are also a part of.