Pineapple-pult is a character appearing exclusively in Blover's Komiks. He is a plant native to Hawaii who was forced out of the region and into Plantville due to the unsafe conditions of the island.

Appearance Edit

Pineapple-pult takes the appearance of a large pineapple with eyes, notably lacking the basal leaves that most catapult plants have. A stem connects him to his basket, which holds an inert pineapple inside of it.

Personality Edit

Pineapple-pult is rather anti-social, owing to his sudden exodus from Hawaii to Plantville. As a result, he tends to feel somewhat lonely despite his affections towards Streampea.

History Edit

Pre-series Edit

Pineapple-pult was adopted and raised by a Conehead Zombie in Hawaii, where plants have made peace with the zombies. However, the island became plagued with natural disasters, forcing him to emigrate alone to Plantville for his own safety.

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