Magnifying Grass is a plant from Plants vs. Zombies 2 appearing in Blover's Komiks. She is a curious, intellectual individual whose curiosity is hampered by her fragile body.

Appearance Edit

Magnifying Grass is modeled after the more complex members of the Poaceae family, taking the appearance of a grass sprout with a large crystal, which forms her head and face, rising out of it.

Personality Edit

Magnifying Grass is very curious due to her aptitude for science and reading. However, she is also quite withdrawn, as any damage she suffers could easily be extremely severe or fatal.

Magnifying Grass also has a weakened emotional state, and is easy to upset if not approached in what one would consider diplomatic, respectful, or kind.

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Trivia Edit

  • Despite the bizarre quirks of many of Plantville's children, Magnifying Grass is one of the few individuals with a 504 plan (an official document that alters a student's curriculum or instruction to compensate for physical or mental disabilities) in the local school system, because of how badly fragile she herself is. In her case, the document waivers any physical education where she is likely to be bludgeoned, and requires heightened supervision elsewhere.