Return Of The Corn Family is the 47th issue in Blover's Komiks. It is located in Season Two , and is an episode of Orange's Komiks . It is a squel to Issue 43 : A Corny Day .


Annoying Orange-Pult terrorizes The Corn Family again.


The Corn Family is angry at Annoying Orange-Pult.



  • Popcorn : I can't believe that ​Annoying Orange Pult ​tried to knife us!
  • ​Annoying Orange-Pult ​: Me neither!
  • ​Cob Cannon ​: Quit terrorizing us, you corrosive citrus!
  • ​Annoying Orange-Pult ​: I'm not! He is!
  • ​Knife ​: Hi!
  • ​Kernel-Pult ​: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!
  • ​Annoying Orange-Pult ​: Wow! That situation was buttery! Hahaha!