CRASH LANDING is the 46th issue in Blover's Komiks. It is located in Season Two , and is centered around the character Meateorite .


Blover is talking to Dr. Spring Bean.


Meateorite crashes in Plantville Park.



  • ​Blover : Isn't it just a wonderful day today?
  • Dr. Spring Bean ​: Yes, but I didn't think that you could see stars at 11:34 in the afternoon.
  • Blover ​: What?
  • ​Pearicopter ​: Move men! There's a falling star coming in exactly 13 seconds!
  • ​Dr. Spring Bean ​: But in my recent astronomy studies, there hasn't been a single meteor on radar for days!
  • Pearicopter ​: I don't know sir, but there is definitly a falling star coming!
  • Blover ​: Look! There it is!
  • Dr. Spring Bean ​: I'm fascinated! What is it?
  • Meateorite ​: Hello aliens. I'm Meateorite. I come from Meatland, and have been kicked out because...
  • Blover ​: Hold it! You got kicked out of Meatland? Why?
  • ​Meateorite ​: I'm not actually made of meat.
  • ​Dr. Spring Bean ​: What? You look just like meat!
  • Meateorite ​: Well, I'm really not. I was pronounced a a plant at the Town Hall of Meatland. I have a deep red color, so I appear as steak.
  • Dr. Spring Bean ​: Truly fascinated! Its great to have you around​, Meateorite!
  • ​Blover ​: Great to meat you! Hahaha!

​THE END!!!!