Annoying Orange-Pult Meets Mr. Fume ​is the 43rd Issue in Blover's Komiks. It is located in Season Two , and is an episode of Orange's Komiks .


Annoying Orange-Pult goes to Mr. Fumes class.


Mr. Fume gets annoyed by Annoying Orange-Pult.



  • Mr. Fume ​: Today we have a new student : Mr. Orange-Pult​! Please turn your science book to page 73!
  • Annoying Orange-Pult ​: Hey! Mr. Fume!
  • ​Mr. Fume : What is it ​Mr. Orange-Pult​?
  • Blover ​: Don't count on a reasonable answer ​Mr. Fume​. He always makes an annoying comment.
  • ​Mr. Fume ​Blover , lets not be rude to our peers. Now what were you saying ​Orange Pult​?
  • ​Blover ​: You shall regret this.
  • ​Annoying Orange-Pult ​: KNIFE!!!!
  • Mr. Fume : Sorry for acusing you Blover Orange-Pult you are expelled, and AAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ​Annoying Orange-Pult ​: Awwww! This class was just getting fun too! HAHAHA!!!!!!!