Issue 2 The Affects of Gravity... at School

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Issue 2 : The Effects Of Gravity... at School is the second issue of Blover's Komiks, and part of Season One.









Magnet-shroom's Hallucinations
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In Issue 2: The Effects of Gravity... at School, Blover is at Mushroom Middle in science class. Mr. Fume is teaching gravity. He tells the class to open their science book to page 97, which has a picture of a big rock and a falling apple, which represents gravity. Mr. Fume then tells the class to turn to page 99, which is completely blank. Suddenly, a large rock falls on top of Blover's head. Mr. Fume does not notice and dismisses the class for recess.

At recess, the students play outside on the large mountain that their school is built on, Mt. Mushroom. An avalanche occurs, hitting many of the students, including Blover, Magnet-shroom, and Hypno-shroom, who are all injured badly. Again, Mr. Fume does not notice and does nothing to help the kids.

After school is over, Blover heads home. He is heavily injured and is covered with bandages, has a hot-water bag on his head, and is using a cane to walk. He tells his mother that he wants to transfer to another school. When asked why, he says, "Big rocks."


  • In this issue, Blover loses three leaves, but is shown to have one at the end.