Grave Buster

His first appearence was Issue 32. In it, Grave Buster shows Blover Thanksgiving, then he (Blover) introduces Thanksgiving to Plantville. Then everyone has Thanksgiving feasts (a happy ending).


  • Because Grave Buster knows about Thanksgiving, that means he must be from the USA.
  • He never appeared in Season One.
  • When he says Blah Blah Blah in Issue 32, he's telling Blover about Thanksgiving.
  • He and Chomper have a rivalry againts each other. It started from a preschool fight over a toy truck. The whole thing started when Chomper was politely asking GB wether they could share the truck. GB refused and Squash was afraid that they would end up quarreling with each other so he asked Jalapeno to set the truck on fire. Jalapeno did as told and when GB saw that the toy truck was on fire, he blamed Chomper for it. Squash was then kicked out of preschool. He is set to apologize in Issue 43.
  • He is in the Zombies Are Our Friends Club (he refused to remove graves anymore)