Gold Magnet, also referred to as Mr. Magnet or Gold, is a character in Blover's Komiks originally from Plants vs. Zombies. He is the father of Magnet-shroom and owns a moving company.

Appearance Edit

Gold Magnet is a plant that resembles a golden horseshoe magnet attached to a stem with thee leaves. Unlike Magnet-shroom, he is not a mushroom but nonetheless bears a very similar look to his son.

Gold Magnet's old appearance lacks the four leaves below his head. His new appearance now has these aforementioned leaves in place. His stem is also thicker compared to his canon counterpart.

History Edit

Gold Magnet has yet to make an appearance in a comic issue.

Personality Edit

Gold Magnet is a hardworking plant, always striving to do his best, especially at work. His industrious nature comes with his thriftiness, choosing to limit his family's expenses whenever possible. Unfortunately, this often results to him penny-pinching even in inappropriate situations.

He has the habit of picking up loose change anywhere - a habit that Marigold greatly dislikes. Her coin production and Gold Magnet's habitual coin-picking becomes a source of friction between the two, although Gold Magnet tries his best to avoid conflict by staying away from her.

Trivia Edit

  • Gold Magnet's paternal status is an allusion to his status as an upgrade plant to Magnet-shroom.
  • Pure gold is not attracted to magnets, making it a non-ferromagnetic substance.

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