A drawn Coconut Cannon

A drawn Coconut Cannon

Coconut Cannon is very suspicious when he heard that there's another cannon in PvZ. He found out that its Cob Cannon. Cob Cannon had the same thinking: is there really another cannon? Coconut and Cob started fighting about which of them is the best cannon. What do you think?

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Friends: Bloomerang, Bonk Choy, Spring Bean, Cherry Bomb.

Enemies: Cob Cannon, the zombies.


-Coconut is nicknamed Giant, Cannon Ball, Cannon Of Strength, etc (please help by expanding his nicknames)

-Power Lilly have a huge crush on Coconut Cannon, but Coconut is in love with PvZ2's Sunflower (see the PvZ2 Love Chain for more)

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Coconut Cannon (non drawn version)

Not drawn Coconut Cannon