Catapult Battle-pult is the fifth comic in Season Two, and the 34th comic overall. It introduces a new character named Twin Musical Sunflower, a sunflower with unique musical abilities.

Synopsis Edit

Annoying Orange-pult pesters Winter Melon.



Plot Edit

Annoying Orange-pult calls Winter Melon's attention, much to the latter's annoyance. The orange plant tosses a large seed towards the frozen melon plant. Chaos ensues as the two endlessly throws seeds at each other. Kernel-pult and Ice-shroom then calls Twin Musical Sunflower for help. The flower arrives, warns the orange and melon to stop. They then proceed to hypnotize the two with music. Unfortunately, this backfires as they become the new target.

Trivia Edit

  • Neither Kernel-pult nor Ice-shroom called Hypno-shroom for help, despite needing hypnotic power.
  • Kernel-pult used the word "projectilating," instead of the more appropriate verb "throwing."